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  • Our 2nd annual tree sold for $500.00

M.A.R.C. would like to say thank you to my granddaughter Kayla M., David B. and Kaylah C., for their humanitarian gift of service to the community. With selfless love and compassion, these young students used money they earned to buy hats and gloves to distribute on the streets of Detroit to those less fortunate to stay warm during the cold winter months.



MotorCity Ballroom Dance Competition was Co-Founded by:

Hattie Lee-Johnson, Van Allen and Mary Canty in 1999, Our partnership with M.A.R.C. will continue well into the future. We would like to say thank you to all who have supported us in the past.  Our partnership makes it possible to continually support important charities.




Funding from the Festival of Trees has been a crucial source of support
for innovative pediatric research projects at the Children’s Hospital of
Michigan that have advanced the science and practice of pediatric
health care. The Evergreen Endowment provides seed funding that supports
preliminary research projects that allow physician-scientists to
develop new models of a disease or to evaluate the efficacy of a new
intervention or treatment. This kind of support is vitally important to
help advance research projects to the point where they can attract
external funding, because researchers cannot successfully compete for
federal grants without preliminary data. Several nationally known
research programs at Children’s were initiated with research funds from
the Festival of Trees.  




The Original

M.A.R.C. sponsored Women Initiatives Network patient advocate program, "Pink Canvas W.I.N.", serves as community advocates while providing care packages for breast cancer survivors. M.A.R.C. is defined as the ultimate resource center throughout Michigan. We are committed to the support of breast cancer survivors through knowledge and compassion for others. Contact us to learn more.      


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Kayla M.

Pink Canvas provided its Toy Gift Box program to kids and families throughout the community, providing gift bags to many youth. Quit often families may lack the extra funding and resources necessary to providing a truly joyful holiday to each boy and girl. It is our hope at Pink Canvas to put a smile on each child’s face. With your continued donations and support we can help make this a reality, not only during this holiday season, but also throughout the years as well. Happy Holiday!