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I want to introduce and welcome you to M.A.R.C.  we are committed to transforming the lives of communities throughout Michigan.

M.A.R.C. is defined as the ultimate resource center throughout Michigan we are committed to the enhancement of people lives through knowledge and compassion for others.

Our vision is to provide referral services and informational material on services available to the community.

Our Mission is based on the center's name, M.A.R.C. which is an Acronym for Michigan All-purpose Resource Center. We also provide a special focus on women initiatives. M.A.R.C. attributes our firm belief in building secure partnerships throughout the world as we strive to work together for a common goal.

Hattie Johnson, owner of M.A.R.C., holds a degree from the University of Michigan and WCCCD in health care, she also holds many certifications in the medical field.  Hattie, is also Author of a children book.  As the owner of several trademarks and a patent, Hattie has a long history of entrepreneurial experience. In addition to, she worked many years in her families retail business while as a youth in Michigan.

She initially became interested in the hair care business while operating her own business as an Artist. While selling her artwork, many customers would inquire about her hair and skin and would routinely ask her what kinds of products she used. With her background in chemistry, she decided to market her formula called Nutrishea, the natural way to beautiful skin and hair. Having worked in the health care industry she understood the benefits first hand of using all natural products
and the benefits it would provide to customers. As C.E.O./Founder of HDL Products, Hattie's goal is to use her background and experiences to bring quality products to the consumer.

Coming from a rich history of entrepreneurship, Hattie contributes her family legacy to her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship,  She follows in the footsteps of her late grandparents Tierce and Hattie Lee. In addition to, Hattie's grandmother insisted she be named after her. Furthermore, Tierce Lee, was named one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time. Also, it was said that his financial standing was listed in Dunn & Bradstreet as one of the wealthiest black men in Pensacola, Florida.

Through all her accomplishments Hattie has always had a love for charity work and compassion for others. She is a strong advocate of women initiatives coming from a long line of strong women in her family. In addition, she is a mother of four grown daughters which further drives her efforts to champion women and children throughout the community.  That's how M.A.R.C. (Michigan All-purpose Resource Center) was created as a commitment to transform the lives of the community throughout Michigan. She is also the creator of PINK CANVAS which supports ongoing initiatives that positively impact the community through art and group activities. Pink Canvas bridges art and socializing for memorable fun and a worthy cause.

Hattie Johnson


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